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Kyu Grading Syllabus

The following is a summary of the kyu grading syllabus we currently (2019) follow. If you’re new to aikido, don’t worry about remembering all the names... by the time you need to care about gradings, they will probably seem very familiar :-)

Remember that our focus is on the practice, not gradings. See also the answer to “How do the grades work? How long until I get a black belt?

We’re gradually making videos (normally one or two a week) and adding them to this syllabus to help our members see what each technique looks like — keep checking for updates!

kyu situation attack technique video
6th suwari-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori ikkyo
6th suwari-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori irimi nage
6th suwari-waza ryote-dori kokyu-ho
6th suwari-waza shikko
6th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori ikkyo
6th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori irimi *
6th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori irimi nage
6th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori kaiten *
6th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori uchi kaiten *
6th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori ikkyo
6th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori irimi *
6th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori shiho nage
6th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori soto kaiten *
6th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori tenkan *
6th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori uchi kaiten *
6th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori ushiro tenkan *
6th tachi-waza ryote-dori kokyu-ho
6th tachi-waza shomen uchi
6th tachi-waza tsuki variations
6th tachi-waza yokomen uchi
6th tachi-waza ayumi ashi
6th tachi-waza irimi tenkan
6th tachi-waza mae ukemi
6th tachi-waza tenkan
6th tachi-waza tsugi ashi
6th tachi-waza ushiro ukemi
5th suwari-waza kata-dori ikkyo
5th suwari-waza kata-dori nikyo
5th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori kote-gaeshi
5th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori nikyo
5th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori shiho-nage
5th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori nikyo
5th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori shiho-nage
5th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori tenchi-nage
5th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori uchi-kaiten-nage
5th tachi-waza morote-dori ikkyo
5th tachi-waza morote-dori nikyo
5th tachi-waza morote-dori shiho-nage (Omote; through Ai-hanmi & Gyaku-hamni contact)
5th tachi-waza morote-dori shiho-nage (Ura; through Ai-hanmi & Gyaku-hamni contact)
5th tachi-waza shomen-uchi ikkyo
5th tachi-waza shomen-uchi irimi-nage
5th tachi-waza shomen-uchi nikyo
5th tachi-waza yokomen-uchi ikkyo
5th tachi-waza yokomen-uchi nikyo
5th tachi-waza yokomen-uchi shiho-nage
4th suwari-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori kote-gaeshi
4th suwari-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori sankyo
4th suwari-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori uchi-kaiten-nage
4th suwari-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori yonkyo
4th suwari-waza shomen-uchi sankyo
4th suwari-waza shomen-uchi yonkyo
4th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori soto-kaiten-nage
4th tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori sumi-otoshi
4th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori irimi-nage
4th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori kote-gaeshi
4th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori sankyo
4th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori sumi-otoshi
4th tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori yonkyo
4th tachi-waza kata-dori kote-gaeshi
4th tachi-waza kata-dori sankyo
4th tachi-waza kata-dori shiho-nage
4th tachi-waza kata-dori uchi-kaiten-nage
4th tachi-waza kata-dori yonkyo
4th tachi-waza ryote-dori rokkyo
4th tachi-waza ryote-dori sankyo
4th tachi-waza ryote-dori shiho-nage
4th tachi-waza ryote-dori tenchi-nage
4th tachi-waza ryote-dori yonkyo
4th tachi-waza shomen-uchi kote-gaeshi
4th tachi-waza shomen-uchi uchi-kaiten sankyo
4th tachi-waza tsuki kote-gaeshi
4th tachi-waza tsuki shiho-nage
4th tachi-waza tsuki sumi-otoshi
4th tachi-waza tsuki uchi-kaiten sankyo
4th tachi-waza tsuki ude-kime-nage
4th tachi-waza yokomen-uchi ikkyo
4th tachi-waza yokomen-uchi nikyo
4th tachi-waza yokomen-uchi sankyo
4th tachi-waza yokomen-uchi ude-kime-nage
3rd hanmi-handachi gyaku-hanmi katate-dori ikkyo
3rd hanmi-handachi gyaku-hanmi katate-dori irimi-nage
3rd hanmi-handachi gyaku-hanmi katate-dori kote-gaeshi
3rd hanmi-handachi gyaku-hanmi katate-dori nikyo
3rd hanmi-handachi gyaku-hanmi katate-dori sankyo
3rd hanmi-handachi gyaku-hanmi katate-dori yonkyo
3rd suwari-waza shomen-uchi gokyo
3rd suwari-waza shomen-uchi soto-kaiten-nage
3rd tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori kote-gaeshi (uchi-irimi-tenkan)
3rd tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori shiho-nage (uchi-irimi-tenkan)
3rd tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori ude-kime-nage (uchi-irimi-tenkan)
3rd tachi-waza morote-dori ikkyo
3rd tachi-waza morote-dori irimi-nage
3rd tachi-waza morote-dori kote-gaeshi
3rd tachi-waza morote-dori nikyo
3rd tachi-waza morote-dori sankyo
3rd tachi-waza morote-dori ude-kime-nage
3rd tachi-waza morote-dori yonkyo
3rd tachi-waza ryote-dori irimi-nage
3rd tachi-waza ryote-dori kote-gaeshi
3rd tachi-waza shomen-uchi shiho-nage
3rd tachi-waza shomen-uchi sumi-otoshi
3rd tachi-waza tsuki (jodan/chudan) gokyo
3rd tachi-waza tsuki (jodan/chudan) ikkyo
3rd tachi-waza tsuki (jodan/chudan) nikyo
3rd tachi-waza tsuki (jodan/chudan) rokkyo
3rd tachi-waza tsuki (jodan/chudan) sankyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryote-dori ikkyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryote-dori nikyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryote-dori sankyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryote-dori rokkyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryote-dori kaiten-nage
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryote-dori kote-gaeshi
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryote-dori shiho-nage
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryote-dori ude-kime-nage
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori ikkyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori nikyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori sankyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori rokkyo
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori kaiten-nage
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori kote-gaeshi
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori shiho-nage
3rd tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori ude-kime-nage
3rd tachi-waza yokomen-uchi gokyo
3rd tachi-waza yokomen-uchi irimi-nage (jodan/chudan/gedan)
3rd tachi-waza yokomen-uchi kote-gaeshi (jodan/chudan/gedan)
2nd hanmi-handachi shomen-uchi ikkyo
2nd hanmi-handachi shomen-uchi irimi-nage
2nd hanmi-handachi shomen-uchi kote-gaeshi
2nd hanmi-handachi shomen-uchi nikyo
2nd hanmi-handachi shomen-uchi sankyo
2nd hanmi-handachi shomen-uchi sumi-otoshi
2nd hanmi-handachi shomen-uchi yonkyo
2nd hanmi-handachi yokomen-uchi kote-gaeshi
2nd hanmi-handachi yokomen-uchi shiho-nage
2nd hanmi-handachi yokomen-uchi uchi-kaiten kata-gatame
2nd suwari-waza tsuki ikkyo
2nd suwari-waza tsuki irimi-nage
2nd suwari-waza tsuki kote-gaeshi
2nd suwari-waza tsuki nikyo
2nd suwari-waza tsuki sankyo
2nd suwari-waza tsuki soto-kaiten-nage
2nd tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori koshi-nage
2nd tachi-waza ai-hanmi katate-dori ude-garame-nage
2nd tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori koshi-nage
2nd tachi-waza gyaku-hanmi katate-dori ude-garame-nage
2nd tachi-waza kata-dori shomen-uchi ikkyo
2nd tachi-waza kata-dori shomen-uchi kote-gaeshi
2nd tachi-waza kata-dori shomen-uchi nikyo
2nd tachi-waza kata-dori shomen-uchi sankyo
2nd tachi-waza tsuki ushiro waza
2nd tachi-waza ushiro katate-dori kubi-shime ikkyo
2nd tachi-waza ushiro katate-dori kubi-shime kote-gaeshi
2nd tachi-waza ushiro katate-dori kubi-shime nikyo
2nd tachi-waza ushiro katate-dori kubi-shime shiho-nage
2nd tachi-waza ushiro katate-dori kubi-shime ude-garame-nage
1st tachi-waza kata-dori men-tsuki ikkyo
1st tachi-waza kata-dori men-tsuki irimi-nage
1st tachi-waza kata-dori men-tsuki kote-gaeshi
1st tachi-waza kata-dori men-tsuki nikyo
1st tachi-waza kata-dori men-tsuki sankyo
1st tachi-waza shomen-uchi kote-gaeshi (uchi-irimi-tenkan)
1st tachi-waza shomen-uchi shiho-nage (uchi-irimi-tenkan)
1st tachi-waza shomen-uchi ude-garame-nage (uchi-irimi-tenkan)
1st tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori ikkyo
1st tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori kaiten-nage
1st tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori kote-gaeshi
1st tachi-waza ushiro ryokata-dori nikyo
1st tachi-waza yokomen-uchi koshi-nage

* 6th kyu: for items marked with an asterisk, you just need to show the entry movement (and not execute any particular technique).

If you want to look at those in a spreadsheet, download the CSV file.

Attacks and their names

For beginners:
The following are not strict translations, just explanations of the terms you’ll hear during classes. You really don’t need to study the names and memorise them when you start aikido. Trust us, you’ll pick them up as you go along!

These are some of aikido’s formalised attacks. Translations of technique names aren’t so helpful (“four direction throw”, huh?) — it’s much better to learn those while you’re actually seeing them (or doing them), on the mat.

uke standing, tori standing both standing
(this is the common form, so we often leave it out of the name)
uke standing, tori kneeling tori seated, uke standing
uke kneeling, tori kneeling both seated
three levels of tori high

uke grabbing tori's wrist, same stances same-stance
one-handed wrist grab
(e.g., right hand holds right wrist)
this is sometimes called kosa dori (“cross grab”)
uke grabbing tori's wrist, opposite stances opposite-stance
one-handed wrist grab
(e.g., left hand holds right wrist)
uke srikes front of tori's head strike to front of the head
uke srikes side of tori's head strike to side of the head
(chudan) tsuki
uke punches tori (middle) punch
uke grabbing tori's shoulder shoulder grab
uke grabbing tori's wrist with both hands two-handed wrist grab
ryote-mochi ryote-dori
uke grabbing tori's hands from behind both hands held
ushiro ryote-dori
uke grabbing tori's hands from behind both hands held from behind
ushiro ryokata-dori
uke grabbing tori's shoulders from behind both shoulders held from behind
ushiro katate-dori kubi-shime
uke holding tori's wrist and neck from behind one wrist held while choked from behind
kata-dori shomen-uchi
kata-dori men-tsuki
uke grabbing tori's shoulder and striking head shoulder held with strike to the head

Attacks marked can only be performed effectively in gyaku-hanmi form (that is, the same hand grabbing — or, for yokomen-uchi, striking — the “outside” side), which is why we don’t include that term in their names.

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