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Next class: Thursday 30 November at Egham Band Hall

Sotenjuku dojo

Aikido in Egham


For recent photos of us practising, see the photos of our 15th anniversary (December 2019)

We sometimes put photos up on our Facebook page. See also these photos of our Thursday class, taken in April 2012. The photos at the top of all the pages on our website (including this one) are all of our members and instructors.


We've got an ongoing project putting every technique from the kyu-grade syllabus onto the site — you can see them by going to the syllabus page — we try to add one or two a week.

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Thursday 30 November
Tuesday 5 December
Thursday 7 December

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Sotenjuku dojo is part of the United Kingdom Aikikai

Photos in our header are of our members and instructors training, taken by Penny and Roy