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Beginners’ course 2019: aikido in 20 hours

At the start of 2019, our instructors put together a 20-hour course specifically designed to get complete beginners familiar with the fundamentals. The course has finished now but we’ve incorporated some aspects of it into the way we introduce newcomers to aikido in our regular classes.

All classes that are especially good for beginners are marked with a heart, so you can be sure you’re coming to a class you’ll feel comfortable about joining.

Our club...

  • promotes aikido, the traditional Japanese martial art of self development
  • runs classes in a friendly, non-competitive learning environment
  • offers fitness, flexibility, strength and coordination

Learn fundamental techniques in the Japanese martial art of Aikido in just 20 hours (14 classes), using our specially designed beginner course. Based on Josh Kaufman's TEDx talk on learning a new skill (“The first 20 hours”).

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The “20 hour” course ran over 14 classes, every Thursday and Saturday January 10th – February 23rd 2019.

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Sotenjuku dojo is part of the United Kingdom Aikikai

Photos in our header are of our members and instructors training, taken by Penny and Roy