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Sotenjuku dojo

Aikido in Egham

Membership & mat fees

Your first class with us is free. After that there are two things you need to pay:

Monthly mat fees

These cover our club’s costs: hire of the hall, mats, instructor insurance, arranging courses.

waged unwaged/student
£50.00 pcm (unlimited classes) £25.00 pcm (unlimited classes)
or or
£10.00 pcm + £8.00/+class £10.00 pcm + £5.00/+class

Pay by direct debit please: ask for our bank details at class.

Annual UKA membership

This is your annual membership of the national aikido body to which we belong, and includes your mandatory third-party insurance.

waged unwaged/student
£32.00 £25.00

You need to pay this after your first few classes with us. Then you renew it once every year — we’ll remind you when your membership is due.

One-off mat fees

If you're visiting us from another club for a few classes and won’t be joining our club, the mat fee per session is £10.00.

About the monthly mat fees

The higher price (£50.00 or £25.00) grants you unlimited classes per month.
The lower price (£10.00) covers you for one class each month — you pay for each additional class you attend after that one, in that month.

We’ve structured our fees this way as a balance between encouraging your commitment to regular practice and our need to meet our running costs. You can’t carry any classes over to the next month.

It’s really helpful to us if you can add a reference to your payment that includes your name and (if you’re paying per-class) the date of the class the payment is for. Thank you!

No grading fees in the club

There are no grading fees until your black-belt test, and those are handled by the national organisation anyway. See more about grading.

Where the money goes

Incidentally, the mat fees are used to pay the hall rental, or to pay for occasional courses with senior teachers (for example, we try to host seminars from time to time, or sometimes we run special classes). We also use the club funds for occasional things like printing fliers, hiring a van to move mats, or subsidising attendance at key events that benefit the whole club. None of our instructors get paid for teaching us.

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Sotenjuku dojo is part of the United Kingdom Aikikai

Photos in our header are of our members and instructors training, taken by Penny and Roy